Monthly HOA Board Meeting – Mar 11th

Please join us on Monday, Mar 11th at 6:30pm at Lot #22 20313 108th St Ct E

Please come out and join us for our March Board meeting! We would love to hear your feedback on our new newsletter format! You can also take this opportunity to bring your 2024 Annual Dues if you have not already mailed them in. See you there!


We would love to hear your suggestions!  Please submit your suggestions in writing to the above P.O. Box, or pass them along to any of the Board Officers either in person or by e-mail.


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    Please click on any of the following minutes to view the PDF version of the recorded minutes. Board Meeting Procedures – Revised June 2023

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    Theft in Neighborhood on 108th St Ct E

    A neighbor has reported the following: 

    Overnight last night the metal fencing between my house and neighbor was cut, the lock on my shed was broken and our sthil chainsaw and leaf blower where stolen. Please be aware!

    If you experience a break in please report it to the police department so they can start patrolling our neighborhood.