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    Theft in Neighborhood on 108th St Ct E

    A neighbor has reported the following: 

    Overnight last night the metal fencing between my house and neighbor was cut, the lock on my shed was broken and our sthil chainsaw and leaf blower where stolen. Please be aware!

    If you experience a break in please report it to the police department so they can start patrolling our neighborhood.


    Warning from a neighbor!!!!

    Just wanted to warn everyone to watch out for an Eagle that was preying on my little dogs. He was sitting on one of the snags by the pond that backs up to Lot 4. Watch out when you let your small dogs out.

    2015 Adopt A Street

    Please come join us

    Cedar Ridge Community Clean up and Adopt a Road

    Saturday May 2nd

    All homeowners are invited to volunteer Saturday May 2nd 10:00 am and participate in our annual community cleanup. It has been a couple of years but we will be sprucing up the neighborhood and need your help.

    We will meet at the front entrance at 10:00 am (205th and 112th by the rock) divide into groups and get to work. Please bring your rakes, shovels, garden gloves, brooms and we will put you to work on:

    • Cleaning up 112th for our Adopt a Road Program
    • Washing and sealing the front entrance rock
    • Cleaning the storm drains
    • Sprucing up around the mail boxes and more

    As a thank you, we will be serving up a BBQ; 11:30 am at Linda Fernandez’s to thank you for all your hard work. Join us for hotdogs, chips and a drink and get to know your neighbors. 

    Save the dateSaturday May 2nd at the rock at our front entrance.

     Thank you, Landscape Committee