Yard of the Month


The “Yard of the Month” contest is sponsored by Cedar Ridge HOA. The winner will be recognized as having a well kept, beautiful yard and is thanked in the Cedar Reader with a photo; also we have a yard sign for the winner to display for one month. Look for pictures on this web page or in the newsletter during the months of the contest from May through September.  Homeowners are welcome to nominate themselves or other homes.  A committee of volunteers selects the winners.


2024 Winners

Congratulations to Paul and Lesley Flores, Lot # 81

2022 Winners


Congratulations to Jay & Valerie Crosby (Lot 68)


Congratulations to Randy & Carol Rich (Lot 53)


Congratulations to Paul & Julie Summers (Lot 67)


Congratulations to Linda Fernandez & Karen Doherty (Lot 87)


Congratulations to Chuck and Pam Christophel (Lot 59)

Photos by David Dyerseth